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This website is dedicated to enriching and expanding upon the content of the book, American Veda, which is now available in paperback (and for e-readers).  When first published, the book was named one of the top ten books on religion and spirituality by both Huffington Post and the American Library Association’s Booklist Online. The Uberoi Foundation for Religious Studies gave the book its Award of Special Distinction.  

Reviews in Tricycle magazine, Los Angeles Times.  Review quotes and endorsements here.

Philip Goldberg is available for lectures and workshops of varying lengths.  See YouTube videos of lectures and interviews.  Scroll down this page for two videos.

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Each image below represents a chapter in American Veda. Clicking on an image will take you to a different subject area with audios, videos, links and information not in the book. We welcome your suggestions for developing each page into a useful resource.